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Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions for Organization/Participation to Conferences, Cultural Events and General Activities at the Conference Center of CIHEAM - MAICh

The present Organization/Participation Regulations are approved by the Director of CIHEAM - MAICh and relate to all types of conferences, cultural events and general activities taking place in the Conference Center of CIHEAM - MAICh.


With his/her participation, the organizer/participant or lessee recognizes and accepts all the terms of these Participation Regulations. All the rules define the legal framework of the participation and govern the participation or rental of conference space from the CIHEAM-MAICh Conference Center and all the technical aspects of the conference preparation and operation stages. Any derogation from the requirements of these Regulations shall be made after the written agreement of both parties.


Invoice - Payment Dates

As mentioned in the offer given to the organizer of each conference/event/other activities,


As mentioned on the Application/Registration Form completed by the participant during the registration process


Eligibility - Lease Agreement

The rental of the conference halls with or without provision of technical equipment, meals, coffee breaks and secretarial support is made with the submission of a completed offer to the organizer or lessee. The participation agreement or lease between the organizer or lessee and the CIHEAM-MAICh Conference Center only applies in case that the CIHEAM-MAICh Conference Center has sent its acceptance electronically or in written form to the organizer or lessee. This acceptance binds both parties, at all times.



The CIHEAM-MAICh Conference Center reserves the right of the final selection of the organizer or lessees. According to the categories and types of conferences, events or other activities, the CIHEAM-MAICh Conference Center will determine the location and size of the conference space, and depending on the availability of its facilities, it may provide the organizer or lessee with a smaller or larger conference surface, depending on the needs and circumstances presented. If a smaller or larger area, with respect to that requested, is given, there will be a comparable increase or decrease of the final cost.  The CIHEAM-MAICh Conference Center is entitled to proceed to the above changes, without giving the organizer/participant or lessee the right to receive compensation.

Cancellation Policy

The CIHEAM-MAICh Conference Center may, at its discretion, accept a written request from a participant or lessee for partial or complete cancellation of a planned event following the submission of the application form. However, the organizer/lessee/participant remains liable for the payment of the registration fees and any cancellation charges. The amount to be paid will be determined by the respective value of participation in the conference or the leasing price of the conference room.


Hand-Over Policy

Each organizer/participant or lessee is required, after the end of the conference/event/other activities, to deliver the rented space and equipment of the conference venue to CIHEAM- MAICh in the same state that they received it.

The CIHEAM-MAICh Conference Center reserves the right to amend or supplement these Regulations, for any conferences, events or other activities being organized or to be organized in the future, by informing the interested parties, as well as by adjusting its various fees and tariffs.


Data Protection Policy

The CIHEAM-MAICh Conference Center complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy. Details can be found on our website .




DQS ISO 9001:2015     IQNET Certified Management System

The Conference Center Bureau of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania has been certified by DQS GmbH with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the organisation and accommodation of conferences and related activities