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Privacy policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Policy

Collection of Personal Data:

The Conference Center of CIHEAM-MAICh collects personal data for the organization of conferences as well as for the purposes of communication with conference participants about the current or future conferences. The personal data may include: Name, Email address, Billing address, Affiliation, Biography, Dietary and access requirements, Responses to author and delegate questions, photos.

Use and Disclosure of Data:

Information will only be used or disclosed for its original purpose of collection. Data are used in a transparent, appropriate and permitted way. A list of participants with the name, surname, affiliation, telephone and email address is distributed to all registered participants at the end of the conference.

Photos will be taken randomly during a conference. All the photos will be displayed on the monitor located outside the Conference Center Office of MAICh during the conference. Selected photos will be uploaded on the website and on the Social Network Page of the Conference Center of MAICh, on Facebook (MAICh Conference Center official).

Held Data:

All information is used only for the initial purpose and that is for communicating with the participant for the organization of the current or future conferences. The data are kept in the database, unless the participant asks the Conference Center of CIHEAM-MAICh to delete them.

Data Security:

The Conference Center of CIHEAM-MAICh takes reasonable precautions to protect personal information so that it is not misused, lost, accessed by unauthorized people, modified or disclosed. The organizer of each conference has access to all information related to the conference.

Access and Correction:

The Conference Center of CIHEAM-MAICh takes all reasonable steps to allow people to access and/or correct their personal information unless the law does not allow it. All clients or authorized delegates have the right of access to their files.

Deletion of Personal Data:

Participants can contact the Conference Center Office of CIHEAM-MAICh by email at and ask to delete their personal data from the lists. This will be done within 30 days.

If a participant does not wish to be photographed, or wishes to delete a photo, he/she should contact the Conference Center Office at MAICh in person during the conference/meeting/other activity or by email.

Security Breach:

Anyone affected by a security breach will be notified within 72 hours by the Conference Center of CIHEAM-MAICh

Collection of Research Data:

Research data is collected for the planning of the scientific programme of the conference and/or when books containing abstracts or proceedings are going to be delivered/issued during a conference. Apart from the personal data, the research data includes:  Submission title, Abstract, Topics and themes, Paper, Reviews (scores and comments)

Deletion of Research Data:

Research Data won’t be deleted since this information remains with the conference organizer. The Conference Center of CIHEAM-MAICh has no jurisdiction over the research data stored on our platform. If participants want their research data deleted, they must contact the organizer of the conference that they are participating in. This data will be deleted once the request is approved by the conference organizer.

If a participant asks us to delete their data but they're the author of an accepted submission, we’ll delete all of their personal data, but we won’t automatically delete the following: Name, Organization/Affiliation and Biography

This applies due to the fact that research which has been published is considered to be in the public domain, and hence it is not considered private personal data under GDPR.




DQS ISO 9001:2008     IQNET Certified Management System

The Conference Center Bureau of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania has been certified by DQS GmbH with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the organisation and accommodation of conferences and related activities