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Upcoming Events

  • 9th ENSEC Conference on "Sοcial Emotional Learning for lifetime achievement"

    From September 4th to September 7th, 2024

    The SYMVOLI | Conference & Cultural Management has undertaken the organization of the 9th European Network for Social and Emotional Competence Conference on "Sοcial Emotional Learning for lifetime achievement"

  • 188th EAAE Seminar on "Reorienting Agri-food chains to hinder climate change and food security threats"

    From September 12th to September 13th, 2024

    The EAAE seminar’s objectives are to bring together scholars and researchers in the field, as well as stakeholders from supply chains and businesses, that will exchange ideas, practices and research initiatives that cover most of the current food systems, biodiversity and agri-food chain developments for assisting policy-making decisions in agriculture and the agri-food industry. In particular, the Seminar aspires to create a forum for the promotion of food systems’ resilience through biodiverse supply chains in the global agri-food sector. Therefore, both empirical and methodological research papers are equally welcome. Selected papers presented at the seminar will be published in an Editor’s multi-authored book. Topics 1. Emerging challenges in current food systems 2. Food systems’ ability in assuring food security 3. Adaptability of food systems to climate change and other external shocks 4. Tools and practices for reducing food systems’ vulnerability 5. The role of trade and supply chain structures in diverse food consumption 6. Supply chains, biodiversity conservation and sustainability 7. Biodiversity as an economic growth and social cohesion driver for rural areas chains in the global agri-food sector. 8. Policy tools and assessment of environmental protection and biodiversity enhancement 9. Biodiversity and sustainable production in the framework of the CAP 2023-2027 period 10. The role of IT technologies in promoting and conserving biodiversity 11. Market demands as driving forces to enhance biodiversity 12. Health, dietary choices and diverse food consumption

  • TREEADS General Assembly

    From September 25th to September 27th, 2024

    6th General Assembly of the TREEADS project. TREEADS aims to increase environmental sustainability and urban/ rural ecosystems safety through redefining and reinforcing forests protection and management by developing and validating an innovative, sustainable and applied holistic wildfire management approach.


    From October 7th to October 9th, 2024

    More to come soon!

  • Scientific Conference of the Hellenic Companion Animal Veterinary Society

    From October 19th to October 20th, 2024

    The Society was established in the beginning of 2010, with the purpose to provide high level of continuing postgraduate education (CPGE), to the Greek Veterinarians dealing with Companion Animal Medicine (CAM).

  • International Fungal Biology Conference

    From September 29th to October 5th, 2025

    The International Fungal Biology Conferences started in 1966 in Bristol, UK, and since then it has been held in many countries (Germany, Mexico, USA, Switzerland, Scotland, Germany, The Netherlands, Mexico, France, South Korea, Brazil). This Conference series is focused on exciting new fields at the frontiers of Fungal Cell Biology and is designed to provide a great environment to promote scientific excellence and social interactions



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